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Jonny-Bix Bongers is director, designer and visual artist from Berlin, Germany. He has a background in theatre and cultural sience. Since 2020 he is studying Design and Computation at  UdK Berlin.
In his more recent pieces he works at the intersection of performative art, technology and digitization.

Boutique 2XXX

Interactive AR installation The interactive installation enables participants to design individual and critical visions of the future of luxury and subsequently create a space for reflection and discourse in the form of a mixed reality desi…

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A Psalm For a Body Build

VR Installation  “One is not born, but rather becomes, a body.” (Legacy Russell) Bodies, especially those of marginalized identities, have been exposed to variousmodes of violence, oppression and control throughout human hi…

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The Artist is Unpresent

Video Installation The projects aims to reframe Marina Abramovic’s famous performance in an CGI reenactment, focusing on the role of art in an increasingly digitalised world. Physical presence in digital space no longer exists: Virtua…

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